About US

Sayre Therapeutics was founded in 2015 backed by leading global Venture Capital (VC) firms.

The team boasts 25 years of global executive experience in leading Pharmaceutical, Medical Diagnostic & Device companies. Sayre Therapeutics has been identified as a high potential healthcare company with a pedigree team with proven wins and a robust clinician network in the Oncology / Immunology space.

Our Offerings

Sayre focuses on niche products and orphan medications

In areas with a high unmet need. These include, but are not limited to, small molecules, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in Oncology and Immunology.

Our Expertise


Sayre focuses on co-development of novel assets with potential licensors. Sayre co-invests in clinical studies for US, EU and Japan approved drugs once they are mandated by the Indian health authorities. Sayre designs clinical studies keeping in mind the unique Indian ethnic profile and thereby help therapy customization. These studies are designed also to include other important parameters such as Health-economics and Quality of Life (QoL) which help in demonstrating the drug benefits in terms of reduced hospital stay, lower costs and improved QoL.


The Sayre team members come with a demonstrated track record of successful novel product registrations in the Indian sub-continent. Sayre will work with health authorities in India and other South Asian countries to simplify and build an easy to travel regulatory pathway for our Licensors. Sayre team will design and conduct appropriate local clinical trials or post-marketing studies to facilitate and secure registrations for novel drugs, drug-delivery devices and companion diagnostics.


Sayre’s medical and product management team coupled with high-science Key Account Managers (KAMs) engage Oncologists and Rheumatologists to position its high-value solutions for life threatening diseases afflicting the South Asian patient population. The sales and marketing leadership teams bring in their experience and expertise in brand building through scientific brand promotion and initiatives. The senior corporate leadership team has a successful track record in commercializing proprietary as well as niche brands in India and SAARC region.