Novel Drug Delivery Devices

In delivering therapeutic agents with improved efficacy and minimum side effects, novel drug delivery system (NDDS) has created a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical market. The current market for NDDS in India stands at almost 4 – 6% of the total pharmaceutical market which is expected to upsurge owing to its manifold advantages such as safety, high efficacy, improved pharmacokinetics, decreased dosing frequency, reduced side effects on account of specific targeting capability, patient compliance and its economical aspect.

These delivery systems make it possible to administer drugs through routes which were not explored earlier such as spray systems, micro-needles for transdermal drug and vaccine delivery, depot systems for intramuscular administration and needle-free injectors to name a few.

With an increase in the disposable incomes and greater patient advocacy for safer and convenient treatment options, the drug-delivery devices segment will see a steady growth over the next few years in the Indian subcontinent.

Zeneo - Novel Drug Delivery Device


ZENEO® is the world’s most advanced disposable, pre-filled, needle-free, automatic injection system.

It is unique in that it can deliver drugs intradermally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly. ZENEO® is the only pre-fillable, truly needle-free injection system that can deliver drugs intradermally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly.