Octreotide Long-acting Release Injection (Powder and Solvent for Suspension) 20mg / 30mg

For Long-term treatment of the severe diarrhoea and flushing episodes associated with metastatic carcinoid & VIP-secreting tumors.

  • Indication: OCTRI-LAR®Depot is indicated in patients in whom initial treatment with octreotide acetate Injection has shown to be effective and tolerated for:
    1. Long-term treatment of the severe diarrhea and flushing episodes associated with metastatic carcinoid tumors.
    2. Long-term treatment of the profuse watery diarrhea associated with VIP-secreting tumors.
  • Formulation: OCTRI-LAR®Depot should be administered intramuscularly in the gluteal region at 4-week intervals.
  • OCTRI-LAR®Depot
    • Is a long acting, synthetic protein similar to a hormone in the human body called somatostatin.
    • Provides symptomatic control (in carcinoid & VIP-secreting tumors).
    • Helps in reducing the risk of disease progression in NET.
    • Provides superior patient compliance.
OCTRI-LAR®Depot uses PLGA microspheres for drug delivery, they are glucose initiated poly (D,L-Lactide-co-glycolide) microspheres which benefit in controlled drug release in the body over a longer duration of time

Octri-Lar by sayre therapeutics

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