Rasburicase Injection
(r-DNA origin) 1.5mg

Sayre Therapeutics offers clinicians an FDA approved option to manage Tumor Lysis Syndrome.

  • Indication: FDA approved for the prevention and treatment of Tumor Lysis Syndrome (TLS).
  • Formulation: Rasburicase Injection 1.5 mg for Intra venous administration.
  • RasCase®is
    • An offering for haematologists and medical oncologists to manage TLS.
    • Backed by robust evidence from International trials and an Indian Phase III trial with 100 patients published in Indian Journal of Cancer.
  • What is TLS ?
    • A condition in which tumour cells release their content into bloodstream either spontaneously or in response to chemotherapy.
    • Most common in rapidly growing haematologic malignancies but has been reported in virtually every cancer type.
    • Prevention is the key as management can be challenging.


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