Cesium-131 seeds

FDA cleared (510 K approved) and CE marked cesium-131 permanent brachytherapy seeds for Prostate cancer, Brain tumors, Head & Neck, Gynecological tumors, Lung etc.

Brachytherapy is an innovative cancer treatment that places radiation directly inside the tumor, or at the surgical margin allowing for a highly targeted treatment dose to be delivered to the target region, while limiting dose to surrounding, critical structures.

Cesium-131 seeds are the size of a grain of rice and release a personalized radiation dose over a period of days. This allows effective treatment while minimizing damage to nearby tissue, and thereby limiting side effects.

Higher energy, lower half-life and faster dose delivery compared to previous generation permanent seed implants makes it’s a better choice other permanent brachytherapy options

Backed by multiple global clinical trial data across various indications

FDA cleared (510 K approved) and CE marked Cesium-131 Blu permanent brachytherapy seeds are indicated for the treatment of Prostate cancer and certain brain tumors. Cesium Blu is a high energy radio isotope that delivers uniform radiation and helps in management of the prostate.