Cancer is caused due to body cells multiplying at an abnormal rate. Cancer can affect different organs of the body and it undergoes various mutations. The genetic makeup of an individual has an influence over the type of cancer that they are affected with.

But cancer can be prevented, and some measures that can help in the same are as follows:

● Do Not Use Tobacco or Alcohol

Do not consume tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco has the potential to damage DNA and leads to lung cancer. Even passive smoking is dangerous. The more you smoke, the greater is the risk. Alcohol consumption has a toxic effect on the liver and causes liver cancer. Alcohol and tobacco both have a synergistic effect which accelerates the DNA damage leading to cancer at an early age.

● Protection from the Sun

UV-B rays from the sun can lead to skin cancer. Use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF15 to protect from the harmful rays of the sun. With the adaption of SPF15, add hats and shades to your daily routine to enhance sun protection.

●  Exercise and adapt a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise regularly, adopt a healthy diet, and meditate to rejuvenate your mind. Avoid processed and junk food. An active lifestyle can bring the best out of you and build confidence, relieving both physical and mental stress.

● Avoid Infections, Be Vaccinated

Certain Infections can increase the risk of cancer. Hepatitis C and HPV virus are known to cause liver cancer and cervical cancer respectively. Consult your doctor about the vaccinations available. Vaccinations can help us to prevent cancer caused by these infectious organisms and as they say “Prevention is the best cure”.


Cancer treatment is a multidisciplinary approach. The treatment strategy depends upon the type, stage, genetic mutations, and the individual’s health status. It is advisable to have a conversation with your doctor, ask about all the available treatment options and then opt for the best strategy forward.

The major cancer treatment options are as follows:

● Surgery

● Immunotherapy

● Chemotherapy

● Radiation Therapy

● Transplantation

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