Cancer – Prevention and Treatment

Cancer is caused due to body cells multiplying at an abnormal rate. Cancer can affect different organs of the body and it undergoes various mutations. The genetic makeup of an individual has an influence over the type of cancer that they are affected with. But cancer can be prevented, and some measures that can help

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Are Supplements essential during Cancer treatment?

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it becomes essential that you take supplements other than your routine food intake and medications, as suggested by your doctor. Supplements are generally essential vitamins and minerals, that help you strengthen the immune system and help contain the side effects, to an extent, that are caused due to chemotherapy and

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Novel drug delivery systems in cancer therapy

It is a well-known fact that cancer is a dreadful disease and the number of patients being affected is increasing every day. To tackle this, we need to continuously look for reliable therapy options. While, conventional chemotherapy is beneficial, novel drug delivery systems have proven to be contributing to improving clinical outcomes in appropriate patients.

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